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What Is Laser Hair Removal Syracuse NY?


Laser hair removal is one of the hottest topics of the twenty first century and that is the reason why most have been talking about it lately. Laser hair removal is referred to as both a savior for some people and a life threatening predicament or a life threatening danger for others. Whether laser hair removal is advantageous for a person or disadvantageous for them depends on the person themselves. However, a person needs to know what laser hair removal is and what it does before they can make a decision as to whether they will be going through with a laser hair removal surgery or not.

Laser hair removal, known as laser hair removal Syracuse NY or hair removal Syracuse NY in the Syracuse area in New York, is a specific type of surgery that is performed by dermatologists or professional and highly skilled doctors who are experts when it comes to performing laser hair removal surgeries. A laser hair removal surgery is a surgery that involves the use of a laser and is done in order to make sure that a certain part of a person’s body does not grow any hair. During the surgery, the hair that is already present on the body part whose hair the person wants to get rid of is shaved off and a laser is then used to make sure that the body part does not grow any more hair.

Laser hair removal surgery can be performed on any part of a person’s body. The most common parts of a person’s body from which they want to clear any hair include the facial area that exhibits the growth of facial hair, the groin/crotch area, the legs, the hands or even the head. No matter what part of a person’s body hair removal surgery is being performed on, the risks of the surgery and the dangers that are involved remain the same. A person should do their best to consider every single possibility before they go through with a laser hair removal surgery because getting a laser hair removal surgery might just mean the end for them. Laser hair removal is something that a person should never be hasty about because laser hair removal surgeries are definitely high risk surgeries and what is at stake in a laser hair removal surgery is just too much. In addition, a person should always talk to their physician before they decide to go through with a laser hair removal surgery.

Essay Writing Services

In the modern day academics, the way a student delivers his views about any topic in a written form is more important than his oral delivery. Now when institutes select students what they hold as a major consideration is the written delivery. Some people are born with a talent to write. They can transform simple words into elegant sentences but then again some don’t possess this quality. For that population of students who are unable to express their opinion clearly is the solution.




Essay writing has been made a vital part of the syllabi in many institutes. provides the students with essay writing services. Regardless of your topic, this essay writing service can help you out in all your writing problems. the services we offer includes: unique work that cannot be accused of plagiarism, the work is done by excellent authors and is of excellent quality, changes can be made without any extra payment, research facilities are provided for those who have the writing talent but are deprived of material, 24/7 customer service is provided to the clientele and if the client is not satisfied with the work the firm promises to refund the amount paid by the client. For your essay writing services you need to visit them today.

For your important assignments that constitute a big part of your average grade you are undoubtedly quite worried and you don’t want that assignment to be a hindrance in getting the top position. So it is always better to get some help for such custom essays. Why would you need help, you might ask? Well you see sometimes, even if you are a prolific writer, you make certain mistakes when writing. Mistakes such as grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, sentence structure might be wrong or your use of punctuation, tense and pronouns might go wrong. After all you are a human being and human tend to make such mistakes. These are careless mistakes but these can cost you a great deal of trouble. So to avoid this trouble it is better if you opt for our services. Our firm has professional writers who are paid for writing out such essays that are free from all these mistakes. We try to finish your work before the deadline so that you can have it checked and even add to it.  You can check out our services for custom essays at 123 essay official website.

Cupcakes In Your Party In Well Designed Baking Cups

r7Sweet foods are favorite type of food to many people. In most of the parties, we can see at least one sweet food. We serve sweets as deserts. There are many types of sweet foods. Which one is the best one? Kids or adults, we know that people like sweets so it does not matter what kind of party you are going to arrange but you should add one sweet food in your party. There are many benefits of keeping the sweet food item in a party. Some benefits are given below.

  • People’s choice

Sweet foods are lovable to almost everyone. There is no one who would hate sweet foods. You cannot make everyone happy by serving a big turkey on each table because some people will love it and some other may hate. You cannot make everyone happy by adding multiple drinks because some people do not like to drink. Sweet is only one unique item, which is lovable to almost everyone.

  • Less cost

Sweet foods will not cost you much so you can add multiple items. If one sees many items then he or she will like it choosing one out of all. Kids will like it so much and they will never forget this party. People all around the world serve sweet foods at parties, but how many people serve lolly buffets? Lolly buffet is one kind of sweet food but not everyone knows the art of serving it. It does not matter what kind of party is ahead, you can add this food item without worrying about the choices of your guests. People like sweets and they will like to see a table full of jars.

  • Much choice

Turkey is finished, drinking part is finished too so is there anything else? Present to your guest a table full of jars containing different kinds of lollies. They will love it so much and they will not wait a second to pick one to eat. People love chocolates and sweets so this is the unique item loved by everyone should be present in your party.

You can make cupcakes for your guests too. Add this item with lollies and keep them on a well-designed table. To make cakes, buy some well-designed baking cups. Buy from your nearest shop today and then you can add some additional styles to it. Color it as you like and give it a shape as you need for a perfect view.

The New Bingham Memorial Hospital Doctor Hiring Campaign

It was announced recently that louis kraml is hiring doctors to work for Birmingham Memorial hospital. The CEO announces this recruiting campaign which aimed at physicians who are finishing their residency. Potential candidates are doctors coming from Mayo and Cleveland Clinic who are recognized for their high standards and adherence to work ethics.

About The Project

The Bingham Memorial Hospital Doctor Hiring Campaign was launched to get hold of quality doctors to work at the said facility. The hospital is already manned with the best doctors and specialists in the area, but Louis Kraml is aiming for more excellence. The goal of this campaign is to hire more quality physicians to work in the facility. This is in order to deliver the best health care and other medical services in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

BMH is a non profit critical care access hospital that aims to provide the residents of Idaho and guests, continuum and compassionate healthcare. The project is targeting the best doctors from highly renowned clinics so that patients will experience the care and professional services that quality physicians from Idaho can deliver.




Idaho – A Great Place to Practice

Why would the best doctors choose to work at Idaho? Primarily, it is awarded by Physicians Practice as the best place to practice medicine for the year 2012. It is a publication which gives advice regarding the running practice for more than 150,000 administrators and doctors throughout the country. What makes Idaho a perfect place to live is its independent way of life for doctors and low cost living.

The ranking was according to several decisive factors like disciplinary actions pressed against doctors, tax burden, cost of living, doctor density, and malpractice award payouts for each capita and more. This is the undertaking of Louis Kraml CEO of BMH in Blackfoot to make the hospital and associated clients draw the best physicians to deliver the most affordable and effective care possible.

Louis Kraml’s project serves as a new page for doctors who are in search for better opportunities. The unmatched environment, career opportunities and attractive benefits makes it more feasible for doctors achieve a healthier and better life with their family and loved ones. So, if you are a doctor who is completing your residency, why not get hold of more information about Bingham Memorial Hospital Doctor Hiring Campaign and learn how this project can put you on a lighter note.

Consider The Risks Of Following A Weight Loss Diet

In a haste to lose weight, people often commit the crime of adapting to a diet routine in vogue to be trendy and lose weight quickly. While freedom from obesity is a great idea, one needs to watch out for the potentials pitfalls ahead that are often overlooked by overeager approach. People tend to adapt to some diet chart without realizing its cons and end up with greater health risks.

The ones to avoid

While there are many a diet claims available in the market place with swift results and no side effect, not all of them are reliable. Here are a few guidelines to look at and avoid schemes for your own health:

1)    Whenever a diet routine suggests that you should completely stay off certain kinds of intakes that are otherwise part of regular diet by common notion, it is a sign of danger looming large. Forceful averting cannot be good as the mind lunges for the forbidden food always and it might result in breaking the diet code even more often, resulting in further addition of undesirable mass instead of reducing the already existing one.

2)    The other impact to be noted down is even if you manage to follow the chart, it leads to imbalance in requirements of the body in terms of components and elements required for regular and healthy functioning as the source has been restricted. As an aftermath, even though you might have reduced weight quickly, it is also very easy to regain it while normal functioning too is disturbed.

3)    The other problem is that this kind of diet may make you lose muscle mass too in undesirable fashion. While the lost amount of fat is quick to reappear once you stop following the course, the same does not hold true for muscle mass. Further, lack of nutritional elements for a long time cannot be compensated back overnight.

4)    If the concentration of the diet chart is more regarding a particular element, it is hardly a fact seconded by research. Reducing the amount of carbohydrate intake drastically is not advisable. On the other hand, a sudden incremental consumption of protein too can be harmful. The true essence of balanced diet and its tips are explained well in .

With all these aspects existing in reality, it is not possible to determine what is best for you on your own. Do not rely on guess work; rather seek out expert opinion from people well trained and qualified in the respective field with sufficient experience to identify your real need and suggest proper diet. You can take a good look at some of the examples of balanced and healthy diet routines.

Promotion Made Easy

Started a new business? Want to promote your company among many others? I saw many companies give some paper hand-outs on various shopping malls to inform people about their service, but trust me, I never looked at them. They all end up in the next rubbish bin! Does this method really promote the company? I don’t think so. Oh? You are also trying to find something different and unique? Then let’s think about custom water bottles.

Definitely you can ask that, how these custom water bottles are going to help in the promotion of your company? Okay, nobody will want to miss out on this. One product, which will be used by people for long time carrying your company’s logo or the message you want to convey. Isn’t this idea good? If you use the Nalgenes bottles for your promotion project, you are going to hand people something that they will use regularly. Almost every day, people carry water bottles and Custom Nalgenes are long lasting. These bottles will come with a printed massage or your company logo, which is not going to fade so easily. You can easily attract kids and their moms, or adult athletes with the wide range of Nalgenes bottles size and colors available.


Okay, I understand that you and your company believe in quality. also ensures you that. How? For your kind information, most other bottles contain BPA (Bisphenol A) lining which can cause harmful effect on your health. Also, it can affect fetus of a pregnant lady or prostate of a growing male child. This chemical usually mixes with foods or drinks when they are hot. But custom Nalgenes bottles do not contain any such chemical. So, you do not need to be worried about quality, right? You can easily order 36 pieces, but where business comes, that implies savings. Order more and more to save. If you order large number of bottles at once, you are going to pay less per bottle. And these bottles give you a large area for any messages you want to put on and company logos can be fitted there also. No need to wait for long. Long lasting high quality screen printed messages will come to you within 10 to 15 working days.

So you can successfully promote your business company’s name through this high quality good looking Nalgenes bottles which are going to hold your messages or logo on their chest for a long period of time and going to be used by people almost every day. Now sit back and relax!

Dog Collars and Other Dog Accessories

If you just adopted a doggie friend, you are probably in need of some dog accessories. Things like dog collars, leashes, dog beds, etc. Have you thought about where to purchase these? You can go to local pet stores, major chain stores, or shop online. It’s all about your personal preference and what kind of shopper you are. First, you might want to look at the prices and compare those. Next, you might want to look online for reviews. If you prefer online shopping, go that route and compare online stores. If you like to shop in person, compare the pet stores and department stores. If you want to take your canine with you, consider shopping a pet store.

Dog collars are important dog accessories. They allow you to be able to put a leash on and you can either put a dog tag or you can get or make dog collars with the name inscribed depending on your personal preference. Some people prefer to use harnesses instead, finding them to be safer since they are on the dog necks. Sometimes if your dog is a little stubborn, you might have to pull him and it doesn’t always seem right to pull him by his neck. Harnesses especially come in handy with puppies during training time. Think of the size and the color and all of that stuff.

Leashes are important dog accessories as well. Retractable leashes are a bit more expensive but are a great investment as they allow you to make the leash different lengths to give your dog more or less freedom depending on the situation. If you are going to buy one, invest in a higher quality one as some of the cheaper ones are more likely to break. These aren’t always the best if you are going to leave your dog tied up outside, in that case it is better to get a longer standard leash. You might want to get a combination of both depending on your dogs needs. From my experience, it can never hurt to have an extra leash and collar for times when you might misplace another one. Depending on your budget, this may not be an option at first. But, fortunately many dog accessories can be found at your local dollar store but remember you might sacrifice quality this way. Don’t forget, give your dog a bone!

Symbolizing Your Unmatched Love And Appreciation For Your Mother

Mothers do not really ask a lot out of their children, and in fact, most of them will be content with receiving just a few caring words. You should know however, that these words are simply not enough for a woman who is so special. It is not enough for you to tell her that you love her; you also need to really make her feel that. This coming Mother’s Day is as good a time as any for you to exhibit your love in all its beautiful splendor. This one day in the year that you really should reserve for mom, and you can even make it more special by presenting her with a very meaningful gift.


A common error on the part of the gift-giver is focusing too much on the price tag of the present itself. A lot of people believe that how much a gift is worth is defined by how high a dollar value can be attached to it, but this notion just goes against everything that Mother’s Day is about. The spirit of the holiday is all about giving back to the woman who has been largely responsible for you being where you are now. It is about paying tribute to the most important woman in your life, and you would be mistaken to think that the only way you can do that is through giving her a very expensive gift. This holiday really is not about that, so instead of dwelling on dollar amounts, why not put more emphasis on actually coming up with a gift that has your fingerprints all over it. This means that the gift that you should present to your mother is the one that you have really thought about. Good examples of these include the Mothers Day hampers that are now becoming very popular.




The mother’s day hamper is effectively a gift basket that you can fill with all things that your mom loves. The fact that you will be personally selecting the Mothers Day gifts that will be going into it makes it more personal than other types of presents. It is also why it can be very inexpensive. As long as you are able to fill the basket with all your mother’s favorite things, then it does not need to be expensive in any way. The thought really is what counts with this particular type of gift, and as long as you show that a lot of it went into its construction, then your mom is guaranteed to love it.

Ordering Mothers Day Gift Baskets

Mothers day gift baskets are becoming very popular and many different companies are offering them. Some people even choose to make one themselves. Have you thought about what you are doing to for Mum this holiday? To you normally make your own gifts or do you buy gifts in store? Do you have a company you order from online? Do you normally just send flowers or find a basket with a little wine, chocolate, and cheese? Did you know that there are some websites out that there that let you create your own mothers day gift baskets and that you can even included personalised gifts?

If you are pressed for time this year and want to make that Mum still gets a great gift and doesn’t notice her basket is the same as the Mum next door, you might want to go with this option. Many people are starting to use this alternative way to create mothers day gift baskets. You don’t want them to throw in white wine when your Mum loves red. You want her to know that you took the time to think of her and what she truly loves. Most companies have many gifts to choose form including perfumes, bath sets, wines, chocolates, nuts, cheeses, candles, etc. You could even do some sort of theme or perhaps a color scheme too. You can also create your own customized card as well.

Make sure when creating your basket that you don’t forget the option of personalised gifts. You could put your family name on some wine classes or coffee cups. You can also get personal with photos and personal art as well. Perhaps you even find a few things that you like from different companies and you wish you could somehow combine them together. Well, in reality you can. It is fairly simple. Just order your customized basket from one company and get any personalised gifts you might want from the other company and have them sent to your home and you can actually arrange the basket yourself at this point, which gives you a sigh of relief knowing that it will look just the way you want it. Then you could even take the basket right over to Mum yourself and offer a personal delivery that will make her smile. Perhaps you and your siblings could even go in on a basket together and really make it something special this holiday.

The Rising Concerns About The Sudden Increase In The Number Of Cardiac Arrest Cases


The heart can be considered as a type of electrical pump that generates energy for the whole body to function. This electrical impulses come in the form of the heart beat but sometimes some unforeseen and completely unavoidable incidents occur that can lead to what is called a sudden cardiac arrest which literally stops the heart dead on its tracks. This cuts off all the necessary blood needed by major vital organs in order to process normally. Sudden cardiac arrest is as deadly as it is unexpected as 90% of victims rarely reach the hospital alive. This is why first aid methods specifically developed for such an incident is being taught in special medical classes and seminars such as CPR classes.


Fortunately, AED has been publicly made available as commercially manufactured tools in order for common individuals to have access to such important medical devices. Defibrillators have shown that in cases where one is immediately on hand and was applied within five minutes of the cardiac arrest, the victim’s survival rate has dramatically increased by 70%. This is reason enough to have the medical apparatus be available for public use. As the rate of cardiac arrest increases yearly the government has made it mandatory for defib devices be readily available in public areas such as malls, airports and schools. According to a study conducted by the American Heart Association, most cases of sudden cardiac arrest happens within workplaces such as offices and factories. Human resources is a vital part of any company and guaranteeing the well being of each employee is the responsibility of the employer. It is basically the moral obligation of the company to make sure that each of their workers is being given quality medical benefits. In fact, numerous organizations have made an extra step forward by offering free medical checkups regularly in order to make sure that each is in good health.


Health is something that is both invaluable and must be taken care of. While some health complications cannot be avoided, not taking the necessary precautions to avoid such health problems will only greatly add to the problem. Never leave anything to chance and making sure that all the necessary nutrients the body needs is a responsibility everyone has. Unlike medical tools, there will be no replacement for the body once it has been irreparably damaged. Emergency medical kits are important but it is much ideal if one can avoid the use of one.

Becoming A Volunteer In Ghana

One of the best ways to spend your summer vacation would be to commit yourself to a volunteer program; and one country that can accommodate volunteers of all kinds, whether you are just on a summer break or would really want to make a difference, is Ghana.

Ghana sits in the West Africa. It can be found right next to the Ivory Coast as well as the Burkina Faso and the country of Togo. The name of this country was derived from the ancient Ghana Empire and is believed to mean, “Warrior King”. Although most people equate volunteering in an African country as something that involves just feeding the children, this is actually far from the truth.

A volunteer to Ghana has a number of options to choose from when it comes to programs. One of your choices would be to teach English to the Ghanaians. Ghana has a high rate of illiteracy due to a lack in teachers who can handle the English subject. Apart from that, there are also very few schools in the said country. In order to be a volunteer for this program, you need not have a teaching certificate or a bachelor ’s degree. However, you would need to have a good command of the English language. Since most of the students are eager to learn, you would definitely have a sense of fulfillment at the end of each day.


Just like a volunteer in Costa Rica, volunteers headed to Ghana can also get involved in orphanage work. As the name implies, volunteers would primarily focus on taking care of children. This means that you would be involved in teaching the English language, helping the children learn some arts and crafts, and encouraging them to participate in singing and dancing. There are cases when you could be asked to be the one responsible for preparing the meals that would be served to the counseling staff.

Volunteers in Ghana can also take part in environmental and nature programs. These programs are set in place in order to prevent the loss of wildlife as well as to protect various fishing grounds that are slowly being used up not just by humans within the area but by the lack of rainfall in the said area.

Lastly, volunteers can also go ahead and teach sports to Ghanaians. What’s good about this is not you are limited to any specific sports. However, it would be worthwhile to know that the Ghanaian soccer team was included in the quarter finals of the World Cup in South Africa.

Why It’s Safer To Use Smokeless Cigarette?

When a person smokes, he/she is always advised to quit it as this won’t do any good to the body. However, quitting something which has been considered your favorite habit is not as easy as ABC. Admittedly, when you’re used to it, it would be truly difficult to detach yourself from it. The good news is that you no longer need to completely say goodbye to smoking since e-cigs are made for those who wish to refrain from using traditional cigarette due to its unhealthy effects.

Aside from the fact that traditional tobacco contain some toxins and tar that may not be good for health, they annoy some people around you due to the smoke they produce and the unpleasant smell caused by it. Moreover, producing second hand smoke which may significantly affect one’s health is one of the ill effects of smoking which will certainly make you feel guilty if you care for the health of others. With traditional cigarette, it is not very convenient to go elsewhere first before you smoke as the entire room will have an unpleasant smell afterwards.

One of the reasons why it is wiser to buy electronic cigarette is that you can fully enjoy it without putting your overall health in risk. Some of the essential factors include the convenience it brings for it is portable, enables you to smoke anytime and anywhere, it does not produce foul smelling smoke, does not cause second hand smoke, it helps you save more money as unlike traditional cigarette you don’t need to finish the entire stick, you can puff some of it keep it and smoke again later.  Indeed, you will feel confident as you don’t need to worry about smelling like you have just finished smoking.

Smokeless cigarette is a smart choice and has been regarded as an awesome invention since it gives you the feeling of smoking but actually you‘re not. In other words, you get the nicotine through the vapor which contains the nicotine plus you get this nicotine that does not contain tar which is considered as bad chemical not good for the body. Needless to say, this is a great advantage on your part. For this one big favor, it is not surprising why more and more consumers switch to e-cigs nowadays.

Fortunately, the best electronic cigarette may be easily found on various shopping centers nearby.  If you do not have the time to shop personally, you may also find them through online shopping sites. You may freely choose the flavors you like to make your e-cig experience more pleasurable and satisfying. They are so affordable and you’ll be worry-free when it concerns your health and the health of others.


Organizing a party could be one of the most tedious tasks. Apart from being time consuming, it gets out the better of your creativity. You seriously need to brush upon on all your creativity skills before you get into organizing one. You also need to be aware of whom you are inviting and how you invite them. You also need to be careful that you don’t forget someone to avoid some unwanted enmities. Apart from that, decorations, food, catering and other such organizational technicalities have to be carefully monitored.


The host needs to be extremely careful about how they treat their guests. Guests need to be take are of fondly and made to feel homely to avoid a lot of unwanted spats. Apart from that, if your guests have accepted your invitation, you also need to take care of them and make them feel comfortable. Making adequate arrangements for food is an integral aspect of a birthday party. After all, that’s the hottest topic in debate in the post party celebrations. Desserts and specifically cupcakes are in indispensable part of a party.

Attractive food is more palatable and thus you can deck up your plain looking cupcakes with designer cupcake wrappers. These are available in different prints and sizes and at prices that will take you by surprise. If you aren’t willing to spend much on the decorations, these wrappers don’t really impose a burden on you in terms of cost. Apart from that, they completely modify the appearance of your cupcakes. Once you have set everything right, you need to focus on giving your guests the perfect farewell.

Bombeniere is a traditional way of gifting something to your guests after the party. Initially, guests were given packets of sugar coated almonds. But nowadays, people are more inclined on exploring their creativity to give away gifts. Apart from that, it leaves your guests with a feeling of satisfaction of attending a party where their interests have been taken care of. You can customize these token of appreciation from the jolt of your own creativity with attractive bags and ribbons. These are available in a range of sizes and also are pocket friendly.

Besides, favors are a way of saying a thank you to all your guests. Without them, your party would never seem to be one. Thus these goodbye notes must always be ones that can be treasured for a long time.

Football Association History

Football Association is responsible to manage all the football events to make this sport popular all over the world. However, we can look at the history of Football in some past time and the sources to play this game with the same characteristics as were played by ancient civilizations.

A game like soccer ball game was first introduced in the areas of Egypt in the third BC with the same game plying regulations as are now experienced with modern football playing around the world. The China is known as the first country introduced the leather made football the century before that was credited at Fu-Hi and is known as one of the five great Chinese rulers in the ancient times.

The development of leather ball is very interesting and it is manufactured with hard bristles that were coated with rawhide and the game of football is being played by passing this ball from one hand to another. The next period shows the development of high quality footballs in India and Persia and this game also liked by the nationals of these countries. Now the world’s developed countries and highly known civilization have adopted this game as a symbol of peace for the world. Some tribes around the world have their own rules and regulations when playing soccer at their regions.

You can enjoy watching this game online or offline at sbobet or agen sbobet with all of the key game playing features there. In the old Greece, it was known as the esfaira that was developed with ox bladder. In Spanish language the word esfaira is referred to the latest developed soccer ball that has now been the most popular game of the football. In the Roman kingdom, this spherical ball was known as pilotta that is translated as ball.

In the middle ages, the games similar like soccer game was played and was famous among various cultures and gentlemen despite the rules of the games were different than that of soccer ball game. Then the Romans introduced this game in UK and with some ups and downs during couple of centuries but then in the 19th century this game was adopted at public schools and got lot of fame after introduced at University level with the first soccer regulations introduced in 1848. You can get all the latest enjoyment of this world known soccer game at the most popular sites at ibcbet and can experience the same soccer game experience as it had since its inceptions.

Performance Parameters


The success of any product is determined with its performance. Well, how to measure the performance of any product is always a big challenge in front of the manufacturers. It is essential to have certain parameters specified and validated by the regulating authorities, which can guide through the execution of the desired task. The most important thing to be taken care of about the parameters is that they should be measurable, and then only the performance can be explained.

In case of any lighting source, especially LED lights,we need to calculate the life which can be defined as a combination of lumen output and physical failures. The followingare the primary parameters to measure the performance of an E90 LED light:

a)      Lumen Depreciation: The main function of any lighting source is to convert electrical energy into light energy. Therefore one of the criteria has to be the brightness or intensity of the light. Lumen is the unit to measure the intensity of light and lumen depreciation refers to the reduction in the intensity over a period of time, under specific working conditions.How fast any LED light shows reduction in intensity will determine how long it is going to work. Lumen Depreciation (simplified term is light output degradation)is the change in the light output as a function of time and is measured as the rate and percentage of light loss.

Color Shift:It is a common tendency of light sources to show different colors of the objects. This is one reason why for the same objects we see different colors when they are subject to different types of lighting sources. In layman language this appearance of difference in colors is referred to as color shift. It is often measured in terms of “Color Rendering Index” as a function of time. The color rendering index (CRI), sometimes called color rendition index, is defined as the quantitative measurement of the ability of a light source to project the colors of various objects in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. Well to measure this we take one standard or reference light source and measure and compare other sources’ performance with the reference. At times during experiments it is seen that the same illuminant also shows color shift when consumed under specific conditions, over a period of time. Well, not always this color shift is because of the degradation of the performance of the light source. Sometimes the external factors also contribute to it.